CHildren's Church

We have the option of your children going to children’s church ages 3yrs. old to 4th grade. They are dismissed to go to children's church after the children's message presented by Pastor Billy Norris. Parents you may receive your children 6 years old and up after the service in the fellowship hall located on the west side of our campus.

Children's Church Schedule:

Date                        With Terry                      Preschool                 Jr. Helpers

9/2/2018             Bruce Shepis              Mandy Freeman             Colbyn Sulsar

9/9/2018             Tina Cope                   Bethani Poole                 Kason Fortner

9/16/2018           Gerry Young               Kenda Fortner                 Keegan Kennedy

9/23/2018          Brad Sulsar                                                          William Norris

9/30/2018          Kay Shepis                                                           Conner Kennedy

10/7/2018           Janice Ammons          Rachel Freeman            James Carlton

10/14/2018         Chad Collar                  Rachel Freeman            Adrian Norris

10/21/2018         Bruce Shepis              Rachel Freeman            Colbyn Sulsar

10/28/2018         Tina Cope                   Rachel Freeman            Kason Fortner

11/4/2018            Bethani Poole            Mandy Freeman            Keegan Kennedy

11/11/2018           Gerry Young               Kenda Fortner                William Norris

11/18/2018           Brad Sulsar                                                         Conner Kennedy

11/25/2018          Kay Shepis                  Conner Kennedy           James Carlton

12/2/2018            Janice Ammons          Rachel Freeman            Adrian Norris

12/9/2018            Chad Collar                 Rachel Freeman            Colbyn Sulsar

12/6/2018            Bruce Shepis              Rachel Freeman            Kason Fortner

12/23/2018          Tina Cope                    Rachel Freeman            Keegan Kennedy

12/30/2018          Bethani Poole            Rachel Freeman            William Norris